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Rave 12 PERSON WATERBOGGAN $3,733.00 $3,547.00

Converts in minutes from sailboat to windsurfer, kayak or even a high performance towable. Regardless of age, weight, or athletic ability, first-time users are off and away with ease.


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The NEWLY REDESIGNED Multisport 270 is a totally unique way to get out on the water! Goes almost anywhere! The Multisport™ can be used wherever there is water – lakes, rivers, oceans and ponds. It sails in very shallow waterways, and turns on a dime. Multisport combines the excitement of sailing and the thrill of windsurfing in a versatile, compact package that can go just about anywhere.

This completely redesigned compact inflatable boat can be assembled or stowed in less than 10 minutes into the trunk of a car or on your boat. Converts easily from sailboat to windsurfer and even makes a great towable for up to two riders. Ideal for learning to sail or simply enjoying a warm summer day.

Since its introduction in 1998, this award-winning design has become popular all over the world and earned widespread honors throughout the marine industry. Environmentally-friendly sail power provides a ‘green’ activity that is great fun and truly exciting. The newly re-designed model is perfectly suited to sailing enthusiasts, camps and resorts alike. Multisport is CE certified for use as a sailboat.

Weighs about 60 lbs and includes a convenient roller storage/ transport bag that easily fits in the trunk of a car.

Tube inflated size:  12′ x 32″ x 4.8″

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Weight 60.0000 lbs
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