CHALLENGE TRACK 3 $19,831.00 $18,894.00

Climb, run, balance and splash your way to the end of this challenging track – The Challenge Track 4 provides fun, excitement and exercise all in one.


$26,441.00 $24,894.00


Let the fun times begin!  Climb out of the water onto the SwimStep to begin the Challenge Track 4 from there climb, balance and splash your way through the Sierra  and then weave your way through the Monkey Dome and slide across the speedway on your way to the final element the King of the Mountain,  a “rock wall” climber and slide. Get the timer going and see who is the fastest to complete the course.

Wonderful set up for commercial use in outdoor or indoor pools or in calm water situations.


Track is 59 feet long x 14 feet wide and requires a minimum of 8’ depth.  Max capacity at one time 9 people.   A great way to have fun and exercise all at the same time.

**please email for shipping estimate.  Product is 804 lbs in total … too heavy for Canada Post/Couriers to handle

Weight 804 lbs
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